About Pawcasso’s

Welcome to Pawcasso’s Pet Grooming Mobile Service! A service where the groomer comes to you! Serving Winnipeg, MB and surrounding areas.

  I will begin by telling you a little about myself, and why I have chosen to start a mobile pet grooming business…

  My name is Kristine Miazga. I am currently Certified in the Non-Sporting dog breed group and the Terrier breed group. I have yet to get certified in the Sporting breed group and then one day would like to move on to getting my Master Groomer Certification. I am also a member of the IPG (International Pet Groomers) Association.

I reside in the St Boniface area of Winnipeg, MB, Canada. I’ve loved animals, especially dogs, from about the time I could walk! Years ago when I was in my early twenties, I began working part time at a dog boarding kennel, and it was there that I learned the art of dog grooming. My full time job, was in the transportation Industry as a CSR for the US Region. In my spare time I had began grooming for family and friends, and friends of friends in their homes. I worked  this way for about 10 years, and it was then that I decided that I was unhappy professionally, and that my true passion was to work with animals. SO, I left my full time job in transportation, and jumped into the pet grooming world with both feet! I found after working both in shop environments and in people’s homes, that I much rather enjoyed the one-on-one grooming experience with a dog in a relaxed environment – their home! Alas, Pawcasso’s was born.

  Many dogs do just fine in groom shop environments, but there are also many that don’t. For instance, dogs with conditions such as anxiety, are sensitive to loud noises, and stress of being  around other animals in a rushed atmosphere. Over time, this usually leads to “grooming trauma” which means the dog becomes fearful of being groomed. But most any animal can benefit from a more quiet, relaxed grooming session.

  Pawcasso’s provides individual attention and custom care via a one-on-one grooming service for your dog in a low-stress atmosphere – your home! Many clients can also benefit from in-house grooming as it eliminates your time involved in transporting your dog to and from a shop, as well as the convenience of booking appointments on days, evenings, and weekends. This service provides portable tools, table, pet dryer, and equipment. All that is required from you is a small space in your home with access to an electrical outlet. I do have extention cords if needed!

  Sometimes dogs don’t have the time to run to the beauty shop. There are papers to fetch, holes to dig, and bones to chew! So, Pawcasso’s brings the beauty shop to them!


Kristine Miazga, Owner-operator

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